Homemade Handcut Soaps & more.

About Us

My Mom & I have always been very passionate about gardening and all things nature, natural & holistic.  What started out as a hobby between us and my young daughters, has turned into us being able to share what we love doing together with our community and others.

Our homemade hand cut soaps leave your body feeling clean, soft & refreshed.  We like to keep things simple so we don't use any fragrance oils or any harsh chemicals. Our soaps are made with essential oils, locally grown herbs and herbs that we grow ourselves.

As a mother and a grandmother we are always looking for ways to protect and take care of our children thats why we started looking around for natural and heathy prducts we could use that were safe for your skin and wellness. My first product was my Boo-Boo Salve because my yougest daughter had really bad diaper rashes and everything we used seemed to irratate her skin more, so after some time and research I created a natural organic skin salve that was an infusion of herbs and natural oils that cured her diaper rash almost over night.